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Rent a Car Agadir

On the Atlantic coast, the city of Agadir has become one of the main seaside resorts of Morocco. With 300 days of sunshine a year, it’s the perfect destination for your beach vacation!
Agadir is a small town in the west where you can enjoy all the pleasures of the sea.

Agadir Rent a car 4×4 rental Agadir Agence Ridrive Cars

Where to rent a car in Agadir?

Agadir is an extremely popular tourist destination. Suffice to say that car rental agencies abound. You will be spoiled for finding a car to rent at Agadir airport, on our car rental website in Agadir: Delice Travel. The international airport is located 28 km from downtown Agadir.
Upon your arrival you will find our agent at the Agadir airport, who will help you carry out all your necessary steps, until the fulfillment of your rental contract.
Agadir Rent a car 4×4 rental Agadir Agence Ridrive Cars

What types of cars can I rent in Agadir?

To make the most of Agadir, here are some examples of available vehicles:
4×4 car rental: If you may want to venture to the Atlas and the desert?
Car rental tourism: to have fun on the superb motorways of the Kingdom of Morocco.
Car Rental Traffic: You move in a group or be part of a big family!
Agadir Rent a car 4×4 rental Agadir Agence Ridrive Cars

How old should I be to rent a car in Agadir?

Guests must be at least 21 years old, and a supplement may be required for drivers under 23 years old.

What do I need to know about driving in Agadir?

As is the case in other major Moroccan cities, traffic is not easy in Agadir, on all in the city center. Walk to avoid the traps of the road (children, donkeys, wagons, etc.). It is often at the last moment that you will see the indications … when they exist!
The city of Agadir is well equipped with parking, paying and supervised 24 hours a day for the most part. If you have rented a villa or a room in a hotel in Agadir, find out if a parking space is available.

Have you decided to rent a car in Agadir?

Excellent decision!
Agadir Rent a car 4×4 rental Agadir Agence Ridrive Cars
In the surrounding area
Only ten kilometers south of Agadir, you will find the souk of Inezgane. Every Tuesday, there is the picturesque activity of a Moroccan souk. There is also the mountain of Agadir Oufella or the Souk el Had.
At 50km from Agadir, you will find a beautiful place: Immouzer, a green area where you can swim. The road to go through a large palm grove.
A little further
Tiznit (the blue city), is an oasis surrounded by a desert landscape. The Souks of the city are known for their jewelery. Thursday is the big day of the market. It is less than 100 km from Agadir.
Some 80 km from Agadir, the Oued Massa is home to a nature park: a popular destination for fishermen and birdwatchers.
Marrakech and Essaouira
A little more than 150 kilometers up the Atlantic coast to the north, you will find Essaouira. The whole city lives to the rhythm of its fishermen. The atmosphere that reigns on its port is fascinating.
At a little less than 200 km, lies the inevitable Marrakech, one of the cultural hearts of Morocco. The Koutoubia Mosque and the Jemma El Fna Square are high places of local tourism. The Majorelle Gardens, owned by Yves-Saint-Laurent, are an oasis of freshness in the city. And again, all this is just a glimpse of what you can discover with a car rental Agadir.

Book your vehicle and organize your activity in advance:

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